How to get relief of
panic attacks?

Do you want to get relief from panic attacks quickly, in 3 consultations, without recalling traumatic situations and without medication?
Natalia Gapon
Work with nervous breakdowns
My sister and I turned to Mr. Mykhailo at a point of despair, when we had already tried everything:
  • the Institute of Chorea in Lviv
  • 1st psychiatric hospital in Moscow,
  • Chobotarev Institute in Kyiv
  • not to mention local doctors.

"Choreic movements of uncertain genesis" is what you write when you don't know what to write. Chorea, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, etc. And the movements were constant, exhausting the body, spasms did not allow chewing, moving
And then we were recommended Mykhailo. Thinking that "it can't get any worse," we decided to try working with him. The fact that the session takes place online is very convenient for both the patient and his assistant. After the first two sessions, which were not easy, we could already feel the changes: the sister began to sleep calmly, her movements became less frequent.

When you are explained the consequences of certain processes and actions in your life, it becomes clear: everything is in our heads. Thanks to Mr. Mykhailo, I, along with my sister, received help and understood a lot.

You can safely entrust your health and the health of your loved ones to this specialist.
"Young" does not mean inexperienced, "young" means talented!!!

With respect and gratitude, Natalia Gapon
Irina Nikolaevna
Internal anxiety
Mykhailo, I am happy to say thank you!
The work was of high quality and it was very pleasant to communicate with you!
All the best and high vibrations!
Dmytro Dr
Internal anxiety
Hi, update after our consultation

I slept well, for the first time in a long time I woke up feeling sleepy, the fitness bracelet says that the phase of deep sleep was almost two hours (I usually have between 40 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes).
As it progressed, there was this unpleasant feeling of restlessness, it was not strong and passed almost immediately.
Mykhailo Maryn
Practicing psychosomatologist
Certified specialist in work with psychosomatics
Member of the International Association of Specialists in
of psychosomatics, NSP
More than three years of practical experience
Why am I having a panic attack?How does it work?
Stages of panic attack formation
Example: Why does Joe have a panic attack on the subway?
Initial stage
It all started with a small feeling of discomfort in the body.
Every time in the subway, Joe felt fear, every such situation, this inner discomfort began to grow.
What is fear?
This is a command from the unconscious that wherever we go, it is not safe for us.
In Joe's case, Joe's unconscious is telling him: "Hey, it's not safe for you, don't go there"
This dialogue happens every time Joe takes the subway.

One of the evolutionary tasks of human is to survive

Accordingly, our psyche will give us signals that something is dangerous for us.
In Joe's case, the subway is a danger.
Middle stage
Despite the internal discomfort in the body, which becomes more intense and stronger, Joe is continue to ignore the signals from the unconscious

Us a results unconscious decide to use another level of signals
Panic attack
Us a results unconscious decide to use another level of signals -- Panic attack

From this moment each time Joe is considering to use a metro, he starts to experience one of the panic attack symptoms:
  1. Sudden and Intense Fear
  2. Rapid Heartbeat
  3. Chest Pain or Discomfort
  4. Shortness of Breath
  5. Dizziness or Lightheadedness
  6. Trembling or Shaking
  7. Sweating
  8. Nausea or Upset Stomach
  9. Chills or Hot Flashes
  10. Tingling or Numbness
  11. Fear of Losing Control or Going Crazy
Remember Panic attack is a consequences, not a problem!
How to get rid of panic attacks?
Joe is here
Right now Joe has panic attacks in the metro, that why he is trying to use another transports, what is not convenient and cost more money
First stage is to stop using the pills for consultation periods
It is very important that you stop taking any blockers or any other medications, as they affect the consultation and the final result.

Please discuss this possibility with your doctor who prescribed these medications.
Say good bye to panic attack
Panic attacks are a consequence.
In order to get rid of panic attacks, you need to start working with the discomfort or fear that existed before the panic attacks:
Analyze the very first panic attack, recall what caused the discomfort that turned into a panic attack
End the session and check the results
You will test the results after the first session

In general I need 3 consultation in order to resolve the problem
Do you want to get relief from panic attacks quickly, in 3 consultations, without recalling traumatic situations and without medication?
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